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Jimin’s impression of Jin’s face

- q: in need of money

Jiyong:  all of my tattoos have a meaning behind them
Jiyong:  .....
Jiyong:  let's get a face on my bellybutton i will be a fucking kAWAII leader y'all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
- got a letter from the magistrate and got scared - but they just wanted to tell me that i need to go to edi if i want to vote in the EP elections - *sigh* - for once i actually would like to vote but nah too expensive



kyungsoo is a good person he deserves to be 6 feet tall

Too much power can be dangerous for someone like him.

shit vixx says part 2: n 
- unbelievable - q: in need of money

- q: in need of money

HaKen things ♥ (9/?)
↳ calling the ‘artwork’

- q: in need of money

Europeans:  I drove forty minutes to the Netherlands for some groceries and then I popped into Germany to see some of my relatives before driving back home.
Americans:  I was in Florida, I drove for nine hours, now I'm still in Florida.
#australians:  i drove for nine hours #now i'm nine hours away from home #no one is here #the streets are empty #how did this happen #where has civilisation gone #i am alone in the universe #oh wait no there's an echidna it's okay
Canadians:  We left Toronto 2 days ago, We are still in Ontario, food is scarce. We are lost, soon we will have to eat each other to survive, oh wait there's a tims we're good.
Russians:  I was in Yakutia, I drove for twenty eight hours, now I'm still in Yakutia, I travelled by train for 6 days, I'm still in Russia. Don't even try to leave Russia. Don't forget: you're here forever. Accept it and suffer.
- q: in need of money

- hey now stop it - q: in need of money

- nonni - jumalauta - q: oops


shy Duizhang doing gwiyomi…

- q: oops

O o O .

- q: oops


Geng Ham looking delicious at Dior Homme…

- oh its back - i wonder where that ''geng ham in space'' -post is

- i dont always listen to nice day but when i do i wonder why i dont always listen to nice day - that song is damn quality

Best birthday present

- ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????